A guide to shared bikes in Dongguan


There are 4 different types of bikes available for renting in downtown Dongguan.

Following OFO's entry to the city, currently there are 4 different types of bikes available for renting in downtown Dongguan. The different coloured rental bikes have become a common sight on the streets. Requiring a deposit of up to 300 RMB, you can simply scan the QR code to unlock a rental bike from roadside stations and ride to subway stations, home or anywhere you wish at low costs. In this way, finding suitable parking has become less of a problem, and the service helps connect people with the public transportation system in a more environmentally friendly way.

While people consider the cost per kilometre, we have also investigated the comfort of each bike brand, the choices available, and the advantages of each.



Bright colour & High-tech feeling

In Dongguan, the first rental bikes on the market were the Mobike. As the early entrant, the Mobike was a hit among WeChat circles with its' fashionable design, bright colour, and rich high-tech feeling. On riding, you may feel tired when there's a slight slope, though the worst point is that the non-adjustable seat height forces tall people to crouch. The latter launch of the Mobike Lite brought a lighter model to the market, with a larger basket, and at half the price of the original making it much better value for money.

Mobike and Mobike Lite



Deposit: 299 RMB (via AliPay or Wechat. Refunds to be transferred between 2 to 7 working days)

Cost: 1 RMB/ 30mins, 0.5 RMB/ 30mins for Lite version

Pros: High availability, fashionable appearance

Cons: Seat height cannot be adjusted, too heavy



The green U-bike is less fashionable than others on the market; however it is the only model which accepts Alipay sesame credit for deposits. At the same time, it has a light frame and large-capacity basket making it suitable for carrying bags. Its' shortcoming is the APP positioning, which can be inaccurate meaning bicycles cannot be found where positioned on the map. 



Deposit: 298 RMB (no deposit required if your Alipay sesame credit is above 650)

Cost: 1 RMB/ 30mins (starts charging once you unlock it and stops after you lock the bike)

Pros: Deposit-free, light, with basket

Cons: its APP positioning is sometimes inaccurate, unfashionable compared to the other 3.



Find it by luck

The OFO bikes have no positioning function, and are unlocked by an original password lock. There's no difference between these and regular bikes, though they are comfortable, lack a basket, and have a light frame. As for the appearance, OFO is unusually conspicuous among cars with its rigorous workmanship as well as bold yellow and black colours. 


Deposit: 99 RMB (via AliPay or Wechat, the refund to be transferred within 10 minutes)

Cost: 1 RMB/ 60mins, 0.5 RMB/ 60mins for accredited students (start charging once you unlock it and stops after you click "end" in the APP)

Pros: low deposit, light

Cons: no APP positioning and you cannot search for them in the APP map.


The OFO bikes are unlocked by an original password lock.


Dongguan public bicycles

Light, free of charge within an hour

Dongguan public bicycles are free of charge for up to one hour. They are light, silver and have a small basket. They may only be locked in designated areas.


Deposit: 300 RMB (via "Dongguan Tong" or Dongguan Pass or mobile APP)

Pros: light, with a basket

Cons: need to be accredited in certain service centres, and can only be accessed from designated areas.


A shared bike in poor condition

As bike rentals become increasingly popular as a convenient way to travel, all kinds of problems are gradually emerging. The most concerning is the condition of bikes, which is inconsistent. While users can choose from many bikes, the condition of any available may be poor. Those who use a shared bike should abide by social morality and treat them well. (By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

Source: Dongguan Today



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