Shenzhen Yantian: a coastal district with rich culture

A bird’s-eye view of Yantian District..jpg

A bird’s-eye view of Yantian District.

The Forbidden City Academy._副本.jpg

The Forbidden City Academy.

During the 13th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, Yantian District will bring one main venue, two subvenues and three special activities to visitors.

Main Venue

Heralded as “a wonderful district with amazing mountains, ocean and culture,” Yantian’s exhibition area is at Hall 1 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The design of the exhibition booth is quite concise and modern, using the district’s representative natural elements such as mountains and waves to show the district’s dedication to building itself into a prosperous area by cultivating more cultural industries and optimizing local industrial structure.

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Jewelry products

Forbidden City Academy

Inaugurated on May 15, 2016 in Yantian District, the Forbidden City Academy this time will bring quality cultural works which combine the elements of the Palace Museum and modern design. Thanks to the amazing resources of the Palace Museum, traditional Chinese culture is to be presented here in the form of the Four Arts of the Chinese scholar (Chinese zither, go, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings), showcasing the high-quality innovative products favored by traditional culture lovers.

Latest designs for jewelry products

New and classic jewelry products will also to be presented during the exhibition. High-end local jewelry brands from Yantian will be on show demonstrating local designs.


International Creative Harbor

The Yantian International Creative Harbor, as a subvenue of the 13th ICIF, plans to hold a series of activities themed “Internet + Traditional industries + New-emerging industries” during the ICIF.

Many events will be held at the subvenue, such as 3sheng Culture, Malong Technology’s latest artificial intelligence products launch, the official unveiling ceremony for the nameplate of the Yantian Micro-film Association, the premiere of Huamao Media’s latest trailers, and last but not least, a Chinese calligraphy show and an arts products presentation held by Zhenyuan Art Museum, the Palace Museum and the Ancient Chang’an Qiushi Calligraphy and Painting Academy.

(2) The Yantian International Creative Harbor..jpg

The Yantian International Creative Harbor.

Also, forums on venture capital investment will be held during the event. A series of round-table discussions and other relevant activities, which are themed “Where are the opportunities for culture venture investment,” are to provide citizens a great chance to enjoy the amazing views and prospects of Yantian’s local culture.

Shenzhen Marina Club

As the first and only ocean-themed branch venue, Shenzhen Marina Club focuses on presenting sports in combination with ecology, culture and tourism.

Multiple activities will be held here, including international aquatic sports sessions, maritime tourism equipment demonstrations and ancient maritime map displays. Famed scholars and experts will be invited to present at the culture forum themed “Ancient maps of the Belt and Road Initiative.” Through these maritime cultural activities, a multi-functional ICIF branch will be presented to citizens, to showcase a brand new way of maritime cultural life, contributing to the goal of building Yantian District into a modern international coastal district.

(3) A powerboat competition..jpg

A powerboat competition.

Special activities

Three special activities will be presented by Yantian District at the ICIF, including the “silk life” contemporary design exhibition, the Chinese-French Arts and Jewelry inter-industry conference and an intangible cultural heritage exhibition.

Contemporary design

The “Silk Life” contemporary design exhibition is set as a background to the “Belt and Road Initiative” theme. The key point of the exhibition will be to demonstrate traditional silk-weaving techniques and the various uses of silk across cultures. The exhibition will invite artists to create different styles of silk crafts based on the various usages of silk in different scenarios. As well, silk pieces used in tea ceremonies, home furnishings and costumes will be presented, such as cushions, pillows, scarves and table runners.

A diadem made of pure gold-silk..jpg

A diadem made of pure gold-silk.

Inter-industry conference

The Chinese-French Arts and Jewelry inter-industry conference will be held by the renowned jewelry manufacturer Chow Tai Fook.

The long and storied history of jewelry and culture in the two nations will be presented in a marvelous way. The activity will be broken into two sections: the exhibition and the conference.

The communication portion will be presented in two parts. First, the welcoming ceremony for the six signed French artists will be held, after which an on-site conference between the artists from France and China will start. The workshop portion will provide visitors with the chance to see how tradition and technology come together to create new designs.

Intangible cultural heritage

The intangible cultural heritage exhibition on golden and silver ornaments will be held by the Longshan Huipin Jewelry Culture Design Ltd. Corp. Forums on national intangible cultural heritages and Miao ethnic arts will be held on site. The activity aims to promote communication and cooperation between designers and enterprises, thus facilitating the development of the jewelry industry.




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