Are you qualified for China Z-visa! This 1-min test can tell!


As you know, 

the New Points System for work visa 

was strictly implemented on April 1.

According to the points you get, 

individuals will be classified to

Type A, B and C. 

Different type has different success rate

for Z-Visa Application!


However, the calculation is a bit difficult for most people, so HACOS make a test program that can help you figure out the answer in 1 minute!


If you need helps to improve the success rate you can ask HACOS for help.

# But you should notice that, this test is just for reference, only the government has right to decide whether you can get the Z-Visa or not.

640.webp (1)_副本.jpg

No more hesitation,

Just make a test ,

and check which type you are!



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