Ocean Spring to blossom into entire resort town

Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort intends to become a coastal hot spring resort town in five years. Planning will be completed in June with construction of the 20 billion yuan ($2.9 billion) second-phase commencing by the end of the year.


Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort 

Located in Pingsha Town of the Gaolan Port Economic Zone in the West Wing, the resort will then have a total area of 4.2 sq km, including 1 sq km for current operations.

According to China Travel Service (HK) Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort Co vice president Hou Wenlin, the first phase has matured over 11 years. It encompasses Ocean Spring Grand Metropark Hotel, Mysterious Island Theme Park, Fisherman's Wharf, Dreams Theater, Caribbean Water World, Entertainment Center, Fairytale Forest, Snow Park, and Boopa Test Drive Center. The second-phase is in anticipation of a growing tourist market.


Rendering of second-phase 

Over the next five to six years, the new resort town will make use of nearby wetland parks, Pingsha New Town, and the first phase to promote seaside culture, hot springs, and the leisure resort. It will develop a high-end boutique ocean spring, SPA club, and spring health-care derivative products. It will also establish a 200-room boutique hot spring hotel, hot spring museum, outdoor spring free experience zone, national training site, international health-care base, specific rehabilitation base, and health-care projects for communities, tourists, and senior residents. 


Fountain at Ocean Spring Resort [Photos courtesy Zhuhai Daily]




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