Not so pretty but delicious food in Yunan County


Yunan County in Yunfu City is a beautiful place with abundant natural resources, situated beside a river at the foot of a mountain. It was once hailed as “Little Canton” in history. 

There are many famous scenic spots, such as Dawan Old Folk Houses—a national key cultural relics protection unit with unique Nanjiang cultural characteristics and Guang’er Mansion which is hailed as the “old castle of the Qing Dynasty”. 

As for the delicacies, Yunan boasts a variety of special foods with local distinctiveness. These foods are mostly made and sold by individual households, so you can only buy them at the country fair. They might not appeal to people at the first sight, but you are assured that they are yummy, yummy. 


Wampee cake (黄皮饼)

Yunan seedless wampee is very famous in Guangdong. Wampee cake is made from preserved wampee and wheatmeal, wax gourd paste, sugar, refined salt, egg, vegetable oil and custard flour. 


Liantan imprinted glutinous rice cake (连滩大糍粑)

It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, Liantan glutinous rice cake used to be bad-looking, so few people wanted to buy. A woman came up with the idea of imprinting the glutinous rice cake to make it look prettier. And the method is handed down to now. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour and different kinds of fillings. 


Yunan salty rice pudding (郁南钵仔糕)

Different from other kinds of pudding, Yunan salty rice pudding is made from steamed rice. When eating it, you add soybean sauce and sesame. It is hard to find it now. If you are lucky, you will run into it somewhere in Yunan.   


Chicken-shaped zongzi (大湾簕古鸡)

This kind of zongzi is rare even in Yunan. You can only find it on holidays and festivals or banquets in local family. It is said that you might take a chance to look for it at the country fair. The chicken shape is made of pandanus leaf strips, and the ingredients include sticky rice, mung bean, red bean, peanut, sesame, sausage, and preserved meat.


Yunan fried chicken


Local hawthorn



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