The Castle Fine Art Gallery shows you the story of Shi San Hang


The Castle Fine Art Gallery shows you the story of Shi San Hang

Do you ever image the import & export trade companies in Guangzhou a hundred years ago? 

In the Qing Dynasty, before the Opium War in the mid 19th century, Guangzhou was the only left city permitting international trade. Thirteen local companies were patented to monopolize business. They were seen in the history books as Shi San Hang (十三行), or “Thirteen Hongs”.


Do you know what the reception rooms in Shi San Hang looks like? How many collections were in the rooms? What items were put inside? Piano? Phonograph? Pottery? 

The Castle Fine Art Gallery now displaying an exhibition about the decoration and collections about Shi San Hang. 


The Castle Fine Art Gallery located in the Guangfo Future Town, which in the center of Dali town, Nanhai Distrit, Foshan. It is the first western art gallery in China. The gallery has Western antique watches and clocks exhibition, ancient European mechanical civilization exhibition, Western antique furniture exhibition, the Qing Dynasty Thirteen Hongs furniture exhibition, the Republic of China Shiwan Long kiln ceramic exhibition and other seven exhibition areas. The gallery has the largest quantity and category of antique phonographs, watches and European furniture in China. 11356 pieces collection of Western and 3216 pieces Chinese antiques art works are in the gallery. 



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