Guangzhou to build over 800 baby-care rooms by 2019

Guangzhou plans to establish more than 800 baby-care rooms in public places by 2019, which has been listed as one of the city's 10 livelihood projects for 2017, according to Guangzhou Daily. 

The goal for this year is to set up 150 baby-care rooms in 11 districts. A minimum of eight such rooms will be built in every district, with Tianhe hosting at least 23, according to officials of the Guangzhou Women's Federation giving plaques to the first 10 baby-care room demonstration sites.  

The federation will regularly assess the 10 demonstration sites with unannounced visits. If a room is found to fail to comply with related regulations three times, it will be disqualified as a demonstration site. 

During the March ceremony, the women’s federation also released a guidebook on the construction of baby-care rooms, detailing requirements for site election, design, construction process and decoration among others. For example, the rules state that logos, posters, videos and maternal supplies in these rooms should conform to relevant regulations and that no advertising, sample supplies and sales of milk powder and baby bottles are allowed within the baby-care rooms. 

The federation is now promoting, according to the three-year action plan (2017-2019) on building baby-care rooms issued by the Guangzhou government, the construction of baby-care rooms in all public places like hospitals, metro stations, high-speed railway stations, hotels, office buildings and service halls. 

Also, a map will be charted to make it easy to find baby-care rooms in the city, which will be available upon the completion of all 800 rooms are established and will be included on a special app. 




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