Multiple roads about to be built at aviation park

The Jinwan District government has earmarked 2.6 billion yuan ($376.4 million) for the second phase of road-bridge construction in the Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park Coastal Business Zone in Sanzao Town. 

The comprehensive road project is located at the waterfront area of the end of the Bailong River in the industrial park, and is expected to be completed by June 2019. 

The project encompasses roads and bridges stretching 18.78 km. This includes 3.94 km of patrol roads at Aviation Great World Theme Park, plus the 2.07-km Hubin, 2.22-km Bailong, 2-km Longhu, 1.11-km Fourth Danfeng, 1.2-km Jindao, 0.2 km-bridge section of Yanyu, and 6.04 km of other municipal roads, including bridges. Express arteries, and urban main, secondary trunk, and branch roads are part and parcel of the project.      


Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park [Photo courtesy]

The Coastal Business Zone has a planned area of 4.3 sq km. It runs westward to Provincial Highway S272, southward to the future Jinhai Bridge, and northward and eastward to an engineered coastline regulated by national oceanic authorities. It will be the only business office and comprehensive industrial support area in the park, providing service facilities for headquarters offices, R&D, hotels, business, residence, and entertainment. 

Land in the northwest will be used for the theme park, while the northeastern part will be the central business district for commerce, business office, hotel, and cultural facilities. Moreover, the central area will contain residential sites, and the southern Zizhu Bay strip-type land will be used for headquarters economy and business offices. 




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