Hong Kong Link Road to be finished on schedule

The casting of all segments in the Scenic Hill Tunnel section of the Hong Kong Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) Hong Kong Link Road (HKLR) has been completed. The last part of the tunnel box segment is being jacked to its final position underneath the Airport Express Line (AEL), announced the Hong Kong SAR Highways Department on April 13.

Together with the connection of the mainline bridge decks of the HKLR viaduct section in late March this year, the 12-km HKLR will be completely connected in April, marking a key milestone of the HZMB Hong Kong project.

The box segment is approximately 14.5 m in length, 23.5 m in width and 14 m in height. It weighs about 5,000 tons, which is said to be equivalent to the combined weight of 27 Boeing 747 jumbo jets. This last process of the operation is expected to be completed by next week at the soonest, thus signifying the complete connection of the entire HKLR.


HZMB Hong Kong Link Road [Photo courtesy CCTV]

Road surfacing and facilities installation are also progressing as scheduled. Port projects including the passenger inspection and ancillary buildings, bridge, vehicle clearance square, and related facilities are also in full swing. The Highways Department is confident of operation by year-end.  

The HZMB's dual three-lane Hong Kong Link Road came under construction in 2012. Connecting the main bridge in Chinese mainland waters with Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF), the road consists of a 9.4-km viaduct, 1-km tunnel running through Scenic Hill, and 1.6-km ground road by land reclamation along the east coast of the airport. 




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