Guangzhou campuses earn an A+ for scenery

Spring is in the air. It’s a perfect time to visit some of Guangzhou’s most beautiful and historic university campuses.  

Learning is not the only reason to go to a school. Many college campuses in Guangzhou are as scenic as tourist attractions and well worth exploring as the weather warms. 

South China Agricultural University 

There’s a saying that people go up north to Wuhan University for cherry blossoms and go down to South China Agricultural University for Bauhinia blakeana blossoms. 

The campus grows more than 3,000 Bauhinia blakeana and other trees, including camellia, bougainvillea glabra and magnolia. The best time to enjoy the blossoms is between March and early April. It’s romantic to take a walk along the red-brick historic buildings under the spreading blossoms. 

Address: 483 Wushan Lu, Tianhe district, Guangzhou  

Sun Yat-sen University 

The prestigious Sun Yat-sen University was founded by the front-runner of China’s democratic revolution Sun Yat-sen, and boasting an educational tradition spanning over 100 years. When you step onto the school’s north campus by the Pearl River, you feel like you are traveling back into a forgotten era.  

The campus is known for its old buildings of red brick and green tile, where Western and Lingnan architectural styles merge. Swasey Hall is the major landmark of the campus, a spot where Sun delivered an important speech.  

Blackstone House, in the heart of the campus, stands out with its colorful windows. It originally served as the staff apartment. Song Qingling, Sun’s wife, lived there in 1924. 

Sun 3.jpg

Other campus landmarks well worth visiting include the Xing Pavilion, the statue of Sun Yat-sen, Grant Hall and Scholar Archway. 

Address: 135 Xingang Xilu, Haizhu district, Guangzhou 

South China University of Technology 

The Wushan campus of SCUT used to be the old campus of the former National Sun Yat-sen University during the 1930s. With flowers in bloom and three lakes surrounding the beautiful old buildings, the campus reflects its grand history of culture.  

The 182-hectare campus includes many attractions. The Old Gym, built in 1937, is a perfect combination of Western architectural frame and traditional Chinese elements. It was listed as one of the city’s cultural heritage buildings. 

One of the most attractive spots is the grand motto stone, where a 15-character motto is carved on a huge stone. 

Address: 381 Wushan Lu, Tianhe district, Guangzhou 

Southern Medical University 

Surrounded by scenic mountains and water, South Medical University’s Shunde campus is more like a Chinese classical garden than a college.  


Stone bridges over the lake, a pagoda, walls of red bricks, roofs of blue tile and the green grass create a poetic and classical ambience. The scenery resembles a traditional Chinese landscape painting. In springtime, the blooming rape flowers add to the natural beauty of the campus. 

Address: 33 Magang Dadao, Ronggui Street, Shunde district, Foshan 

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 

The architecture of the campus itself is a masterpiece of fine art. And the campus grounds are a virtual museum. You can find sculptures and creative graffiti works everywhere on the campus — on the grounds, the walls, gates and, rooftops. Whether you’re an art insider or outsider, here’s a campus where you can enjoy the obvious enthusiasm for artistic creation.  

And whenever you go to the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, you are likely to come across an art exhibition. Among the most famous is the massive BA Degree Show, held every summer.  

Address: 168 Waihuan Xilu, Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou  (By Wing Xie, Louis Berney)



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