Pingsha New Town: paradise on the Pearl River

Pingsha New Town is halfway toward becoming a real Xanadu in the Gaolan Port Economic Zone. Like the ancient summer capital of the Yuan Dynasty, the new town will be a place of luxury, beauty, and contentment. It is, in fact, designed to be the most beautiful and livable satellite town in the West Wing of Zhuhai -- itself the “most livable city” in China.

Since construction began in February 2012, the local government has invested 1.65 billion yuan ($239 million) in the initial phase, including the road network and town structure.

Positioned as a “coastal town, hot spring resort, and dreamland,” Pingsha New Town will further take shape in the next five years.

Eight designs of various features show what the highly anticipated new town will look like:

Bird's-eye view of Pingsha New Town.jpg

Bird's-eye view of Pingsha New Town




In the southeastern end of the initial area will lie a 2.1 sq km eco-park, which will contain six functional zones. These are banyan, bamboo, hygrophyte, and fish gardens; and classified mangrove cultivation and mangrove conservation areas.

Travel around the park will be by means of rowboats and electric boats instead of motor vehicles, which will be banned. Within the park will be myriads of trees and more than 100 species of birds such as little egret, heron, kingfisher, and thrush.

Work on the park is to begin by the end of July and be completed next year-end.

Hot springs park

Hot springs park_副本.jpg

Hot springs park

Centering on the source of the South Spring of Ocean Spring Resort and guided by the theme of green development, a hot springs park of 430,000 sq m will be created in the center of Pingsha New Town.

Ecological landscape watercourse 

Ecological landscape watercourse_副本.jpg

Ecological landscape watercourse 

By strengthening the river base, dredging the waterway and planting trees along the river banks, the local government will create an ecological landscape along the original 15-km watercourses.

Seaside landscape belt

Seaside landscape belt_副本.jpg

Seaside landscape belt

Beaches, plank roads, and wharfs are going to be built on the sea embankment to create a seaside landscape belt.

Offshore terminal

Offshore terminal_副本.jpg

Offshore terminal

Visitors will be able to conveniently commute from Zhuhai to Hong Kong and Macao when the offshore terminal comes into service. Additional island tourist routes and a South Guangdong seashore yacht club will also help Pingsha New Town attract tourists from all over the world.

Sanqian River and Qihaowei sluicegates 

Sanqian River Sluicegate_副本.jpg

Sanqian River Sluicegate 

The Sanqian River and Qihaowei sluicegates, which are to be built in the style of a Dong ethic group covered bridge, will be upgraded and modified to meet city flood prevention and waterlog draining standards. Sluicegates help bring in and discharge sea water, drain floodwater, and aid in navigation.

Arch bridges

Arch bridge_副本.jpg

Arch bridge

Ten emulated stone arch bridges will be built in Pingsha New Town in the future, which are not only beautifully designed, but also considered economical, practical, and safe. 




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