Nice and Zhuhai -- cities where love flourishes

Two cities of romance -- Zhuhai on the South China Sea and Nice on the French Riviera -- were admirably compared March 5 on the CCTV-4 talk show City to City. The program motivates communications between domestic and foreign cities.


Zhuhai Grand Theater in distance 

Starting on Shijing Mt with a bird’s-eye view of the Zhuhai Grand Theater on Yeli Island, the program reveals an extremely refreshing panorama of the city and its culture. It exposes viewers to the 28-km Lovers Avenue, Fisher Maiden statue, Love Post Office, City Parlor, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Fried Rice Cake at the Pan Edge, Lai Fun (thick rice noodles), Double-Shell Crab, Sanzao Crane Dance, and more.


Zhuhai Center Tower

The program reveals that the Fisher Maiden has a fishing net tied around her waist and holds a huge pearl above head; and that the many islands of Zhuhai are her legendary tears. Meanwhile, three types of stone benches along Lovers Avenue -- the separated and connected without and with backrests -- stand for the progressive relationship of a pair of lovers.

Not only this, but the “Lai” of Lai Fun is a movement to extrude rice noodles out of a bamboo tube, whereas the Preserved Duck Bundles (Ya Zha Bao) is a duck wing, a piece of preserved meat, and a duck liver bound with duck intestines. Furthermore, the Double-Shell Crab is a growing stage of mud crab, at which the soft brown shell is in fact an edible newly developed shell, and Sanzao Crane Dance players use real goose feathers in their costumes.


Zhuhai landscape [Photos by Li Jianshu / Zhuhai Daily]

On the other hand, the program presented Nice, a well-established romantic city, in terms of Pebble Beach, Coastal Avenue, old towns’ Gothic and colorful Baroque architecture, Massena Square, Nice Salad, and especially Nice Seafood Assorted Cold Dishes to be tasted in strict order from Mediterranean Scampi to Oysters.

At last, the program presents Zhuhai’s 700-year national intangible cultural heritage Sanzao Crane Dance and Nice Carnival (one of the oldest carnivals in the world) taking place every February, saying that both evince the ardent joie de vivre in the respective cities. 




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