Amazing Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a major national central city in south China. Covering 7434 square kilometers, it is home to 14.04 million people.


Haizhu Wetland Park 

Yuntai Garden 1.jpg

Yuntai Garden 2.jpg

Yuntai Garden 

Liuxi River National Forest Park 1.png

Liuxi River National Forest Park 

Shimen National Forest Park.jpg

Shimen National Forest Park

Nansha Wetland Park 

Baiyun Mountain.jpg

Baiyun Mountain 


Yuyin Garden.jpg

Yuyin Garden 

Chen Clan Academy.jpg

Chen Clan Academy 

Nanyue Kingdom Palace Museum.jpg

Nanyue Kingdom Palace Museum 

Xiguan Mansions.jpg

Xiguan Mansions 

Cantonese Opera.jpg

Cantonese Opera 

Temple of South Sea God.jpg

Temple of South Sea God 

Zhenhai Tower.jpg

Zhenhai Tower 

Pazhou Pagoda.jpg

Pazhou Pagoda 

Sacred Heart Cathedral.jpg

Sacred Heart Cathedral 

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.jpg

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 

Sun Yat-sen University.jpg

Sun Yat-sen University 


Dim sum.jpg

Dim sum 

Cantonese-style barbecued goose.jpg

Cantonese-style barbecued goose 

La Chang Noodles.jpg

La Chang Noodles 


Nansha Port.jpg

Nansha Port 

Canton Fair.jpg

Canton Fair 

Tianhe district.jpg

Tianhe district 

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.jpg

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport




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