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The official designated hotel of the A/W Shenzhen Fashion Week 2017, Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen offers “The Mobile Kitchen” outside catering service concept.

The service provides a reception party for the participating media guests and VIPs. At the same time, the service also offers corporate and private buffets and cocktail parties, themed tea breaks and many other types of events without venue limitations.

The Mobile Kitchen allows for kitchen facilities and banquet services to be moved to wherever guests require. The event kitchen includes a range of equipment, such as a freezer car, refrigerator, thermal insulation cabinet, electromagnetic oven, tables and dishware; for barbecues, a barbecue grill may be included.

The whole set of appliances is conveniently and exclusively delivered to the venue and allows flexibility for changes, freeing event organizers of any hassle. Such is the original concept for The Mobile Kitchen.

Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are often the desired choice for corporate celebrations, company founding anniversaries, intimate birthday parties and other special occasions.

Decorations are graceful and dignified, complemented by exquisite delicacies to create a chic, yet comfortable ambience. Cocktail parties by The Mobile Kitchen during fashion week are priced starting from 228 yuan per person.

Outside catering buffet

The outside catering buffet service is suitable for both corporate and private occasions, including corporate annual parties, new-product launches, opening ceremonies, press conferences, exhibitions and groundbreaking ceremonies.

The hotel’s professional banquet team and chef can customize the on-site banquet by drawing on local resources just after guests participate in the event, making it out of the ordinary. The buffet is also an ideal option for Western-style weddings, anniversaries and private parties.

Aside from the elegant setup, fresh and delicious international cuisines by the outside catering specialist and event team, the chef team can also cook on-site to guarantee freshness and great taste. Buffet prices start from 388 yuan per person.

Themed tea breaks

The hotel’s varied themed tea breaks offering endless fun are its most distinctive and recommended outside-catering service. A themed tea break is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Cartoon themes are ideal for a baby’s full-month or birthday party, enabling both adults and children to feel the joy of celebrating the newly born baby. For birthday parties for the elderly, the hotel’s traditional Chinese theme is filled with happiness and harmony.

For important corporate meetings, the innovative “Mr. Bean” theme adds a bit of fun during recess, easing the pressure and making everybody laugh. Other highly recommended popular themes at special venues include the heated “Fast and Furious.” 

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