Xuwen's charm to be unveiled in national magazine

Chinese National Geography, a publication similar to the USA's National Geographic Magazine, sent photographers to capture the best of Xuwen's natural and human made landscapes from Feb 13 to 14 for Zhanjiang's special page in April.

A monthly magazine founded in 1950, Chinese National Geography is an integration of global geographic photography and the exploration of scientific concepts. Fields discussed in the magazine also include astronomy, history and archeology.


A photographer for Chinese National Geography takes a picture of an old well in Hai'an town of Xuwen county on Feb 14. [Photo/zjphoto.yinsha.com]

At the southern end of the Leizhou Peninsula, Xuwen is the southernmost county of Guangdong province. It borders the South China Sea to the east and Beibu Gulf to the west.

With the goal of giving a comprehensive display of the coastal region, the production crew from the magazine separated themselves in groups to collect snapshots of the area in just two days.


The production crew visits Xuwen's museum. [Photo/zjphoto.yinsha.com]

Museums and natural scenes, such as the coral reef protection reserve and wind power plant, will be vividly depicted on the pages, according to the magazine's contracted photographer Zhang Chaoying.

Xuwen Port, the starting point of Chinese trade along the Maritime Silk Road during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24), will also be one of the features.

The production team also toured Hai'an town to trace its history hidden in port relics, old wells and steles.


Photographers depart for the coral reef, shooting for special page for Zhanjiang to be published in April. [Photo/zjphoto.yinsha.com]

"The town has witnessed such a long history with its profound background," said Zhang. "I hope residents can protect the heritage."

The special photo collection documenting the city's archaic charisma will be published in the traditional Chinese edition for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan readers.




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