Chimelong Paradise to launch all-new “Paradise Town” during Spring Festival


This Spring Festival, Chimelong Paradise will launch an all-new “Paradise Town” to usher in a very happy New Year

On 17 January 2017, Chimelong Paradise will launch an all-new amusement zone called the “Paradise Town”. This will be the first circus-theme open-style amusement town. It does not only sport unique building architectural and park decoration style, but also sports a motorised amusement rides zone where you can let your ideas run free and make your dreams come true! The launch of “Paradise Town” coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival signifying family reunion time; hence Chimelong has prepared a host of Spring Festival programmes and a great Carnival for you and your family to enjoy a truly happy New Year. 


Six new recreational facilities to let your ideas run wild

Chimelong Paradise, which embarks on its tenth year of operation this year, has always been committed to bringing unending happiness to its customers. Come this Spring Festival of 2017, Chimelong Paradise will present the “Paradise Town” – featuring a fusion of circus culture with a multitude of motorised amusement rides that promises to be both fun and thrilling. The township sports architecture of varying heights and colours depicting ubiquitous rainbow-coloured circus tents. In addition, motorised amusement rides enhanced with circus elements can be found at every corner of the township. What a fun, playful and pleasurable enclave. 

The “Paradise Town” features six unparalleled and super-dynamic rides including the super thrilling “Drop Tower” and “Air Race”, the family-friendly “Demolition Derby” and “Barnyard”, as well as the phantasmagorical “Magic Bikes” and “Ice Rink” to cater to visitors of all ages. 


The “Drop Tower” has to be the star attraction of the “Paradise Town”. It first rotates and rises slowly to a height of 65 metres (or 22 storeys high) and stays at its highest pint for 30 seconds where visitors can take in a panoramic view of the whole Chimelong International Tourist Resort in Guangzhou. Then, all of a sudden, it drops at a speed of 105kph and brings you down to earth in two seconds to experience the thrill of weightlessness. Patrons who have experienced Chimelong Paradise’s Dive Coaster would know that it has the highest vertical drop of 80 metres – the highest in Asia; but even this is overshadowed by the instantaneous speed of the “Drop Tower”, which will certainly make its debut on Chimelong Paradise’s “10 Not To Be Missed” list very soon.


Another new ride is the “Air Race”. It is the country’s first 360-degree aerial amusement ride that twists and turns the world upside down, with you in the air! 

In “Demolition Derby”, you become a clown driver to experience the freely twisting car ride; it is not only fun, but also a whole new driving experience. 

The “Barnyard” will make you a balancing master in a challenging 360-degree non-stop rocking house.

Both “Magic Bikes” and “Ice Rink” will satisfy your desire for phantasmagorical fantasies – imagine flying freely up above the sky by riding the “Magic Bikes”; and imagine being able to dance briskly and gracefully on ice by simply putting on ice-skating shoes in “Ice Rink”; and imagine being an ice skating star even in the hot southern country. 


The Spring Festival Carnival – a gathering place to enjoy the New Year

Several master clowns will congregate in “Paradise Town”. They are masters of hand acrobatics and close-up magic, and they may even surprise you with a gift that appears from nowhere! Of course, they are still most adept at making you bust into laughter. 

Chimelong Paradise has prepared a host of programmes for this year’s Spring Festival Carnival. The God of Wealth, together with auspicious golden boys and jade maidens will wave at you to send you blessings. “Lion Dance School” will teach you how to perform a lion dance to spice up your festival and avert from evils. Of course, you will not want to miss the daily parade featuring more than 150 artistes choreographed by Chimelong Paradise. The parade, led by the North and South lion dance troupes, will start from Dive Coaster Plaza and circle the park to mingle with visitors in a “parade of good luck”. There will also be singers and bands performing and interacting with visitors. Be part of the parade and march into the New Year in the accompaniment of joyous New Year songs. 


From the first day to sixth day of Chinese New Year (28 January to 2 February), Chimelong Paradise will extend its opening hours. 

The all-new “Paradise Town”, together with more than 70 original rides, will be the ideal venue for a family gathering to spend a great and joyous holiday in a lively and festive ambience.




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