Dad will take me to Chimelong to have fun in Panda Paradise

“Dad, where are we going this Spring Festival?”

“Oh Baby, I will take you to Chimelong! We will traverse the 2-D Animation Realm, have fun in Panda Paradise, and walk the animal world to celebrate the New Year with more than 2,000 animals of over 500 rare fauna species." 


Grand opening of Panda Paradise during the Spring Festival – Let’s traverse the 2-D Animation Realm

Panda Paradise is a physical realization of the TV show “Dad, Where Are We Going 2 – Fairy Tale Adventure of the Panda Triplets”. Visitors can now visit a physical paradise and experience endless fun of traversing into 2-dimensional animation realm. Let’s start the trip on our tea-cup train.



We will cross the huge bamboo forest to visit the giant panda family, visit Panda Castle to see the new home of the giant panda triplets and receive Spring Festival blessings from none other than Hanna, Harry & Harley. During the fun ride into the 2-D realm, the teacup train will sound its horn with trailing steam smoke and as if to announce its progression to the next stop.

A 4K high-definition movie projector sporting a huge screen the size of five football fields and more than 500 special effect seats with Dolby panoramic sound system is where you will truly enjoy the blockbuster movie “Adventure of the Triplets” – another creation by the Hollywood team. The 4D movie theatre in Panda Paradise will bring you the ultimate movie experience in a magical adventure to the moon palace.


During the Spring Festival, African aborigines and the Austrian performance troupe will perform at the Panda Paradise’s stage. Asian master chefs will also be there to prepare a sumptuous spread of Asian cuisine to whet your appetite. So, wait no longer! Make your way to Panda Paradise now!

National treasures make their presence during the Spring Festival; learn from animal science programmes; and visit three wonderful trails in the park


During the Spring Festival, we have arranged for enhanced science programmes for children in more than ten animal science education classes across the four animal exhibition zones. Lively animal displays will educate children on interesting animal trivia and facts. On the quiet Huaguoshan trail in the Golden Monkey Kingdom, the national treasure golden snub-nose monkey will lead a troupe of 4 great South American primate species in wishing you a great New Year. On the Qinglongshan trail, you can get a close-up observation of more than 300 animals of dozens of rare species. Finally, on the self-driving trail, you can take a ride to traverse five continents to see all the world’s exotic animals, without even stepping out of the country! What a world-class, natural wildlife spectacular with animals living in their natural habitat!





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