It’s cherry blossom time in Doumen

The flower field in Doumen District's Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park will open to the public on Jan 23, just in time for the Oriental Cherry to bloom.

With admission fees of 50 yuan ($7.25), the zone will be one of three flowery options available during Spring Festival celebrations, which begin on Jan 28. The other two are located in Qianwu Town and One Tree Love Farm 2.5 km west of Zhuhai Bridge, offering colorful and fragrant displays of Kelsang Flowers and Pink Queens.


Oriental Cherry trees at Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park [File Photo]

According to staff members at Yifeng, this Spring Festival's flower-themed activities are to be bigger and better than ever.

With the cherry blossoms blooming early this year, visitors have already begun to flock to the park to enjoy and snap pictures of the cherished flower.

This year, the park has invested more than ever, and planted hundreds of Double Cherry Blossoms, as well as several hectares of Kelsangs, snapdragons, and poppies. 


Sea of flowers [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

To accompany the blooms, the park will provide a food corridor, Dendrobium Officinale-related feasts and snacks, praying for blessings at Kang Wang Temple, featured souvenirs, Chinese New Year Temple Fair, ancient customs cosplay, song and dance performances, traditional handicrafts, DIY umbrella painting, graffiti viewing pavilion, mini zoo, and other attractions and activities.




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