Temporary safekeeping at airports

Articles that are banned from being carried on a flight can be stored temporarily at airports after several sets of new national regulations about civil aviation took effect yesterday.

The new rules require Chinese airports to provide storage for up to 30 days for articles that are prohibited from being brought on a flight, either in carry-on luggage or checked luggage.

Passengers who carry expensive items, those with an implanted cardiac pacemaker or other physical challenges can ask for their security check to be conducted in a private manner.

According to the new rules, those who take photos at a security check, attack security check officers or impede a security check will face punishment.

Passengers will also have to shoulder the cost of food and accommodations if a flight is delayed or canceled due to weather conditions, an emergency, airspace control or other reasons that are not caused by the carriers.

Carriers will be responsible for passengers’ food and accommodations if a flight is delayed or canceled at a stopover or if the jetliner lands at an alternative airport.

The Shenzhen airport reminds passengers to learn the new regulations and remain calm and avoid “uncivil” behaviors in the case of a flight delay or cancellation.  (Lin Min)

Source: Szdaily.com



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