How to Be a Hero


The book is a magical realism tale about a brash* little boy named Amith. He and his best friend Shaneel play together in the streets of their isolated, poverty-stricken village in India. They sneak through alleyways and sit on top of walls to get glimpses of movies that inspire their fantasies*. Because, in their minds, they are not kids, they are heroes. They imagine stories and create wondrous illusions of being heroes just to escape the sickness and death that surround them.

But then, death makes its presence felt, as someone very close becomes ill. After being inspired* by a movie that they think is real, they go into the foreboding Indian jungle to find the Holy Grail to solve their troubles.

Accompanying them is a lonely, love-stricken little girl named Karishma, who leads them into the depths of the darkness. It is in this abyss*-like mysterious jungle where they are taken to their limits.

Friendships are on the line, bravery is put to the test, and love plays its dirty tricks, as the real danger surfaces and the kids are forced to suffer the consequences* of their actions.

Hopes, dreams, truth, and regret fill their minds, as they realize they are the most fragile* creatures in the jungle, and they must each find out what it truly means to be a hero.

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