Rainfall losing ‘free rein’ in Zhuhai

By 2020, Zhuhai expects to sponge up 70 percent of rainfall without runoff in light rain or saturation in downpours, according to the Spongy City Drainage Dedicated Plan being publicized on the Urban Utilities & Forestry Bureau’s website.

The plan is to control water drainage and runoff pollution. It supplements the Waterlogging Prevention Comprehensive Plan in response to creating a Sponge City and constructing an integrated and systematic storm-water drainage control system. 

Source reduction, halfway control, terminal reinforcement, and other approaches will be applied to increase permeation, storage, purification, utilization, and discharge of runoff through diversified technologies, the plan states.


Sponge City goal not far off [File photo]

By 2020, more than 20 percent of the built-up areas in Zhuhai should meet requirements of annual runoff volume control; and by 2030, over 80 percent of the built-up areas should be up to grade.

Meanwhile, reduction of annual rainfall runoff contaminants is on track to reach 35 percent by 2020.

As for drainage pipeline network standards, central urban areas, regions of Hengqin New Area, and several parks and zones must meet them every three years in design frequency, whereas roads in Xiangzhou, Jida, Gongbei, and Shizimen Central Business District are under the standard of five-year period. 

The short-term plan is to construct 130.4 sq km as key construction areas for the Sponge City initiative, meeting standards proposed by the State Council. By 2030, over 80 percent of built-up areas covering about 612.9 sq km will be up to the national standards for a Sponge City, sources say.




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