First batch of postgraduates finish studies at CUHK(SZ)

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Principal Xu Yangsheng gives a speech at the graduation ceremony.

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Students celebrate their graduation.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, CUHK(SZ), awarded master’s degree diplomas to its first batch of 63 postgraduates at its campus in Longgang District on November 19 over the weekend.

The chairman of the university’s council Shen Zuyao, the university’s Principal Xu Yangsheng together with hundreds of instructors and principals from around the country attended the graduation ceremony.

While delivering a speech, Xu addressed his wishes for these new graduates and hoped that they will become role models for others in the future.

“We hope that the students we have cultivated are not only the elites in their professional areas, but also people who have broad perspectives, open minds with abundant knowledge to serve society,” said Xu during the graduation ceremony.

The former vice chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Kenneth Young, was also present and gave a speech as a guest. He said that passing on the concept of lifelong learning is the ultimate goal of education.

“Any college student, especially postgraduate students, should be able to keep learning for the rest of their lives,” said Young.

Among the 63 postgraduates, 34 graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering and majored in financial engineering.

According to the data collected by the university, three of the graduates were accepted to different universities for doctoral degrees, one decided to start a business and the rest of the graduates found employment at renowned companies.

The other 29 postgraduates graduated with degrees in translation and interpretion. Many of these graduates will work for some of Shenzhen’s larger companies such as Tencent, DJI and so forth.

Unlike most universities on the mainland which accept postgraduate students based off of exam results, CUHK(SZ) follows a global procedure to enroll postgraduate students and assess the candidates on their academic results, language proficiency and other abilities as shown in their application materials.

The university now has four postgraduate majors available for students and will open more majors such as accounting, economics, global studies and urban studies in the near future.




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