Action aims to reduce traffic accidents in Shenzhen

In the action, police are targeting illegal passenger services and violations involving e-bikes, tricycles and motorbikes. Police will use their data to focus on and inspect heavy vehicles, such as dump trucks, and vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals.

Traffic accident fatalities in the three areas account for 64 percent of the total and fatalities involving trucks account for 40.6 percent of the total, according to official statistics released at a press conference yesterday.

Bao’an District has reported 95 deaths from accidents so far this year, accounting for 26.6 percent of the total. Among them, 52 of the deaths involved electric bikes, accounting for 40.3 percent of the city’s total.

“Overloading, speeding of trucks and violations involving e-bikes and motorbikes such as running red lights, running on motor lanes and illegal U-turns are the major factors causing injuries and fatalities,” Xu Weijian, deputy chief of the transport department of Shenzhen’s traffic police bureau, said at the press conference yesterday.

Of the traffic accidents recorded this year, 37 percent of them involved pedestrian and bicyclist violations, such as mixing with vehicles and going against red lights.




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