First Guangzhou tourist buses to run on National Day


Special new tourist buses in Guangzhou, offering information and interpretation of popular sites in eight languages as part of a sophisticated GPS system, will get their maiden run on National Day. 

Three different routes will be offered to various cultural landmarks of both new and ancient Guangzhou. The venues to be visited include Canton Tower, Beijing Road pedestrian street, the pedestrian street of Shangxiajiu, the Chen Clan Academy's ancestral hall, the Tianhe business district, Yuntai Garden, the Museum of the Nanyue King Mausoleum and Ersha Island. 

The ordinary ticket fare is 50 yuan and lasts for a 24-hour period, but during an initial promotional period, the bus fare is only 30 yuan. Two free transfer points are set between the lines at Beijing Road pedestrian street and Dashatou wharf, making it convenient for tourists to visit all the attractions. 

All buses are red and double-decked and are adorned with Cantonese cultural patterns. Panoramic skylight glass covers the top of the second floor so visitors can enjoy outside scenery with a 360 degree vista. Vending machines with beverages and souvenirs are on each bus. 

The buses are run by the Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou No. 3 Bus Co., Ltd. 

Days of operation: All year 

Starting and closing times: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Price: 50 RMB; special promotional period, 30 RMB. Unlimited rides within 24 hours. 

How to buy the ticket: 

— On the bus 

— At nearby stations

(By Joanna You, Louis Berney)



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