4.2 Tourism Gifts Show and Time-honored Brand Hall


Highlight: Famous and Quality Tourism Gifts Opening up New Business Opportunities for “Time-honored Brand +Tourism”, the Assembly of Chinese Traditional Culture Gems in the First Established Intangible Exhibition Area

Tourism gifts and the time-honored brand halls adhere to the principle of inheriting historic traditions, promoting history and culture, and developing the time-honored brands, including Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Lingnan Group, the Light Industry Group, Guangzhou Restaurant, Tao Tao Ju, Pearl River Piano Group, Guangzhou Popular Milk, Lizhanji, Yantang and other familiar time-honored brands for citizens in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, some time-honored brands as well as famous and quality enterprises from places like Beijing, Tianjin, Hainan and Xiamen are also invited here for the promotion tour of “One Day Journey to the Time-honored Brand” citizens look forward to. The specially chosen tourist spots of characteristic time-honored brand enterprises like Chen Liji Chinese Medicine Museum, Zhimeizhai Sauce Workshop and Shenlong Cottage will bring you to appreciate the charm of the cultural tour of time-honored brand.

In the first established “Intangible Exhibition Area”, there are high-quality four treasures of the study as well as writing and painting appliances from various places in China, which fully shows the artistic beauty of Chinese calligraphy and builds the trade, appreciation and communication platform for industries and customers. Besides, the Art Appreciation Fair of Traditional Duan Inkstone Culture will be held in a unique style, where the national arts and crafts masters will display the carving skills of Duan inkstone as well as the shadow carving skills in Hui’an Xiamen for enormous traditional culture lovers to watch and appreciate.



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