1.2 International, HK, Macao and Taiwan Hall


Highlight 1: More Exotic and More New Choices for Outbound Tourism!

Besides the “old brand” exhibitors like Korea, Japan and Thailand, many emerging tourist destinations will also debut at the Guangdong International Tourism Industry Expo 2016, which will bring new tourism choices for the tourism industry and the public.

“The East Africa Tourism Promotion Area” is set up this year for the first time in the international Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Halls, including many East-African countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya, and will display towering and magnificent natural landscape, original folk customs as well as rich and colorful food products in East Africa. And “The Latin America Tourism Promotion Area” will cover Ecuador, Colombia Chile, Peru and other countries so as to display the local historic and cultural relics and unique and exciting tourism experience projects. Therefore, the audience cannot only enjoy watching the exhibition to the fullest but also experience characteristic national performances, taste the local delicacies and feel the hospitality of foreigners.


Highlight 2: Deep Exploitation of the Segmented Tourism Markets and First Setting of the Diving Sightseeing Area as well as the Wine Tourism Exhibition Area

With the rise of people’s income and the diversified development of outbound tourism markets, the emerging characteristic deep-theme tourism like diving sightseeing and wine tourism has become more popular among customers. In line with “Quality Tourism”, the Guangdong International Tourism Industry Expo 2016 will deeply exploit needs of Chinese tourists, further build the theme of segmented tourism and build the diving sightseeing area and the wine tourism exhibition area for the first time.

The diving sightseeing area not only offers relevant enterprises of diving tourism a professional platform for product display and business development but also provides a hosting place for several promotion conferences of diving tourism in order to spread more professional knowledge of diving tourism destinations and diving to the public, and introduce healthy leisure lifestyles of outdoor sports and more elaborate tourism service choices of diving sightseeing to the general public as well.

The wine tourism exhibition area is featured by European wine tourism, where some European countries (also the world’s important origins of wine) like Italy, Spain and France will be exhibited as important tourism destinations with their magnificent natural scenery, strong historic and cultural atmosphere as well as characteristic wine favor. All of these are aimed at building the brand of “Fashionable Tourism, Taste of Europe.” 



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