New intangible cultural heritage art gallery at 289 ART PARK


On August 18, a new intangible cultural heritage art gallery opened at 289 ART PARK, Guangzhou. As the first exhibition of the art gallery, selected artworks of Lingnan intangible cultural heritage are displayed to showcase the innovative minds of Guangdong’s craftsmen.

The exhibition looks back to the history about how Guangdong’s handiwork traveled overseas via Maritime Silk Road, and shows how Guangdong’s craftsmen survive and develop with innovation and transformation.

During the long journey of Maritime Silk Road, Guangdong’s craftsmen developed an open and innovative mind. How did Guangdong’s handiwork become popular throughout the world and sweep Europe with the “Chinese design style”? How do modern masters of intangible cultural heritage continue the legend? The exhibition will give you an answer to all these questions via a variety of artworks of Lingnan intangible cultural heritage, documents, photos, videos, and other multimedia demonstration.

The exhibition will last for several months, so take your time and come visit these magnificent artworks of Lingnan intangible cultural heritage. Here are some of the selected artworks you can see from the exhibition.


Cantonese Enamel “Enamel Hollow Out Vase” by Yang Zhifeng [Photo:]


Shiwan Pottery “Dharma Sitting” by Pan Bailin [Photo:]


Canton embroidery “Manila Shawl” by Zheng Naiqian’s team [Photo:]


Cow’s bone sculpture “Southern Pearl: Canton” by Zhang Minhui [Photo:]

Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Gallery at 289 ART PARK

Location: 289 ART PARK, No. 289 Guangzhou Dadao Zhong, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区广州大道中289号)

Nearby metro station: Exit C, Wuyangcun Station, Line 5 (about 500 meters)

Nearby bus station: Nanfang Daily Station; Bus No. 122A, 122, 130, 183, 189, 195, 197, 204, 230, 252, 252, 263, 266, 37, 301A, 301, 303A, 303, 305, etc (about 200-400 meters)


(By Xiangyue, Monica)



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