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Transition is a British rock indie band from Bristol. They credit their style to the influence of U2, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley and were voted among the Top 10 Bands in Britain on Channel 4’s “Slash Music Showcase.” Formed in 2007, Transition is made up of brothers Jesse Edbrooke (guitarist) and Josh Edbrooke (drummer) along with Niall Dunne (guitarist).

The band has a fan base largely based in Asia, so they combine its rock foundation with Asian rhythms and melodies, producing music that inspires audiences from both sides of the globe. They sing some of their songs in Chinese. Their first Mandarin song “Sorry My Chinese Isn’t So Good” became an instant YouTube hit. It gathered over a million views and is now an anthem for all foreigners learning Chinese.

In December 2013, Transition released their first Mandarin album, “Kua Yue.” Arrangement and production included the involvement of several well-known names: Jay Chou (arrangement advice), Wing Lo (lyrical assistance) and the band’s long-term friend, Sam Bell (U2, REM, Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Editors). All this created an inspirational finish to the recorded sounds. “Kua Yue” is a great showcase for the band’s unique fusion of the East and the West.

The band has released seven albums that are distributed by Corridor Records in Britain and Asia. Their release “Three Bridges” (2008) received a nine out of 10 rating from Cross Rhythms U.K.

Time: 8 p.m., July 4

Tickets: 100-380 yuan

Venue: Shenzhen Poly Theater, intersection of Wenxin Road 5 and Houhaibin Road, Nanshan District (南山区后海滨路与文心五路交界处深圳保利剧院)

Metro: Shekou Line, Houhai Station (后海站), Exit E

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