More returned overseas students favor Shenzhen for jobs

In the first half of this year, Shenzhen welcomed 4,817 returned overseas students, an increase of 50.91 percent over the same period last year. The city has brought in a total of 7 million returned overseas students so far. 

Among all the new overseas talents, 2,246 are male, accounting for 46.6 percent, while slightly more females returned after completing studies overseas, accounting for 53.3 percent of the whole. 

Nearly 61.08 percent of the returned students have applied for and obtained a Shenzhen hukou (household registration). That number hiked by 45.5 percent from last year, which means more people have decided to settle in the city. 

Why did they choose to come to Shenzhen? Among them, 4,073 talents chose to work in the city, while about 11.1 percent of the returned students wanted to start their own businesses in Shenzhen. 

A staff member from the city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said that most of the returned overseas students who settled in Shenzhen are well-educated and young. Over three quarters of the students have master’s degrees from developed countries, such as the United States and some European countries. 

As much as 93.77 percent of the introduced talents are under 35 years old, which fits the city’s characteristic of being young and dynamic, said the staffer. Most of them have backgrounds in the fields of science, management, economics, engineering and literature. 

“Their creativity, broadened horizon, and being at the best stage in life to start a business make them suitable to work in Shenzhen, and I believe that they will make great contributions to the city’s economic and technological development,” said the staff member. 

“In addition, finance and technology industries are still the most popular among talents with overseas backgrounds. Most of the returned overseas students found jobs in the financial, information technology, manufacturing and education industries,” said the staff member. (Zhang Qian, Zeng Ruijia)




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