Extra 30 days of maternity leave for Shenzhen moms

Maternity leave for women in Shenzhen is expected to be extended by 30 days, according to the city’s draft regulations for family planning policy, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Currently, maternity leave for women in Guangdong Province is shortened by 20 days to 143 days after the two-child policy came into effect earlier this year. The draft rules proposed the maternity leave for women in Shenzhen to be extended by 30 days to enable new mothers to have maternity leave for as long as they previously had.

The draft regulations also specified punitive measures for those who violated birth control rules, such as an unmarried person who gave birth to a second child with a married person. Those who violated birth control rules cannot be hired by government agencies for five years.

According to the draft regulations, parents will have to pay a social maintenance fee three times the base amount for having a child exceeding the two-child policy, while the previous regulations required parents to pay social maintenance fees based on how many extra children they have.

Medical workers who made fetal sex diagnoses for pregnant women or helped pregnant women on abortions based on the fetus’ gender will be suspended from duties for six to 12 months, while non-medical workers will be fined up to 100,000 yuan (US$14,925).

The draft regulations are open for public consultation before Aug. 15, and residents can send their opinions to wangl@fzb.sz.gov.cn.(Zhang Yang) 

Source: Szdaily.com



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