​Beautiful Books from Germany

Beautiful Books from Germany 

Dates: June 10 - July 10 

Location: Multicultural Library, 8th Floor, Guangzhou Library, Tianhe District

"Trip around the World," a series of engaging events put on by Guangzhou Library’s Multicultural Library program, is always full of surprises. Different kinds of exhibitions from around the globe broaden our horizons and treat us to delicious cultural feasts. This time the library invited a number of experts to illustrate what a visually beautiful book can look like and to display some particularly lovely books from Germany. 

The 47 books are all winners — or so-called masterpieces — of the “The Best German Book Design” competition, held annually in that European nation. A beautiful book excels in its conception, graphic design, typography, quality of illustrations, printing, quality of binding and overall impression. The exhibition will run at the library until July 10. 

In addition to the meticulously designed books, a number of photographs on the wall display charming views from Frankfurt, Germany. 




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