[Dragon Boat Festival] Go watching Dragon Boat Races in Guangdong


Dragons are coming in towns as the Dragon Boat Festival approaches. Dragon boat races will be held around the province. Participants from all cities strike for the first and pass down the tradition. Check out which dragon will be the highlight of the year.  

Gaoyao Jinli Dragon Boat Race


City: Zhaoqing


At Jinli, the Dragon Boat Race is even thought higher than Spring Festival. There are more than 200 dragon boats in Jinli Town and the average participants of every race is above 6000 people. With a smaller bow of the dragon boat, it is lighter and can go faster.

Venue: Xiwei Stream of Jinli Town in Gaoyao District

Time: June 16

Drive from Guangzhou: 

Go west along Guangzhou - Zhaoqing Highway, then drive down the highway when pass Jinma Bridge.

Wanjiang Dragon Boat Cultural Festival


City: Dongguan


Since last year, Wanjiang held the Dragon Boat Cultural Festival instead of traditional race. This year, the Wanjiang Dragon Boat Cultrual Festival would last for half a month and 28 dragon boats would present wonderful performances. 

Venue: Dong River ( starting from Wanjiang Bridge)

Time: 11 a.m., June 16

Drive from Guangzhou:

Guangzhou - Shenzhen Highway -- Daojiao Interchange -- Wangjiang Road -- Guansui Road -- Wanjiang Bridge

Liyue Dragon Boat Race


City: Jiangmen 


Liyue Dragon Boat Race still remains its traditional competition model: called “marathon on the water”. Because it costs competitors more than three hours to finish the roundtrip of rowing the dragon boat on a track over the river up to 5 to 8 kilometers.

Venue: Wusi stream and Zhangwei Stream of Liyue Street in Jianghai District

Time: 12 a.m., June 20

Drive from Guangzhou:

Dongxin Highway -- West line of Guangzhou - Zhuhai Highway -- Shenzhen - Luoding Highway -- Xinhui Exit -- Donghai Road -- Xinle Road -- Zhangwei Stream

Linzhai Town Traditional Dragon Boat Race


City: Heyuan


Before the dragon boat race, villagers of Linzhai Town would have some worship offering ceremonies and Cai-qin activities to show their thanks for the harvest they get from nature and pray for a good time for their crops in the following year.

Venue: Li River near the Linzhai Town government of Heping Country

Time: 9 a.m., June 20

Drive from Guangzhou:

Guangzhou - Heyuan Highway -- Yuegan Highway -- Heping Exit -- Zhongding route of No.230 provincial road -- No.339 provincial road -- Pengzhai Town -- No.229 provincial road -- Linzhai Town government

Huangqi Dragon Boat Festival 


City: Foshan


It is the largest dragon boat race in Dali Town. Besides, a cultural worship ceremony for the birthday of dragon mother (who is a goddess brings good harvest for farmers) would be held in Dragon Mother Temple. 

Venue: Dragon Mother Temple in Huangqi Park

Time: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m., June 23

Drive from Guangzhou:

No.8 Zhongshan Road -- Guangzhou Beltway -- Western Fangcun Road -- Guangfo Road -- Xihuan Road -- Beihuan Road -- Huangqi Longmu Temple

Three-man swallowtail Dragon Boat Race


City: Qingyuan


Unlike the traditional 24-people dragon boat, there are a special three-man swallowtail dragon boat in Shantang Town of Qiangyuan. Since the boat shape looks like swallowtail and usually rowed by three people, hence comes the name “three-man swallowtail dragon boat”. 

Venue: North River of Shantang Town in Qingxin District

Time: 2 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., June 27

Drive from Guangzhou:

Guangzhou - Qingyuan Highway -- Qingyuan downtown -- Qingsi road -- Shantang Town

2015 China Dragon Boat Tournament (Huizhou)

City: Huizhou


It is a national dragon boat tournament held by General Admission of Sport of China and China Dragon Boat Association once a year. That tournament will be held in several cities in China from May to October and competition dragon boats as well as other equipments will be provided by organizer.

Venue: Xijiang River in Xiapu Binjiang Park

Time: June 27 - June 28

Drive from Guangzhou:

Guangzhou - Huizhou Highway -- Xiapu



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