Parallax -- Painting from Chengdu and Guangzhou

A painting exhibition, “Parallax - painting from Chengdu and Guangzhou," will open at the Guangzhou Fei Gallery on June 25. This exhibition will display more then 40 works of 14 artists from Sichuan and Guangdong, including He Duoling and Deng Jianjin. 

As two of the most representative artists in contemporary China, He and Deng have devoted themselves to frame painting for several decades. He is the leading exponent of Chinese lyric realism through the medium of oil painting. His art owns the characteristic of poetry - aestheticism, elegance and sadness - and possesses the subtleties of freedom, vitality and purity in common with Chinese traditional wash painting. Deng focuses on self perception and the desire of the human nature. He has tried to confront the spiritual existence of humanity and instinctive desire from a relatively mysterious angle - erotica and sexuality.

As famous painters, Deng and He both have another identity as teachers working, respectively, at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. They started their educational careers in the 1980s and have trained a group of painters of great strength, including the 12 artists who also will join the exhibition. With an age span from 25 to 53, these artists all are from Chengdu and Guangzhou. Their work not only shows their own artistic achievements but also represents the teaching efforts of Deng and He.

Relying on the clues shown in Deng and He’s work, they explore the distance and depth of their creation and teaching - this is what “parallax” actually means in this exhibition. For young artists and students majoring in painting, leaving one's teacher is an end as well as a starting point. The purpose of this exhibition is to pay attention to and to probe the developmental situation of the group of artists, according to the curator.

During the exhibition, an open class will be held jointly by He and Deng, enabling visitors to share the charm of the artistic lives of the two masters and their students.

Artists: He Duoling, Deng Jianjing, Lin Xiaoming, Li Zhijun, Shi Lianye, Wu Jiangtao, Zhang Jing, Zhu Keran, Mo Xiliang, Peng Du, Sun Jiaxuan, Wang Keyu, Xie Lisi, Zhuang Hongjie 

Duration: June 25 - August 14 (Closed on Monday) 

Venue: Fei Gallery (扉艺廊) 

Address: G Floor, Estate Plaza, No.5, Nong Lin Xia Road, Guangzhou (广州市农林下路5号亿达大厦G层) 

Nearby Metro: Lines 1/6, Dongshankou Station, Exit C 





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