Museum Showcases Art and Crafts from Ming and Qing Dynasties

The Guangzhou Museum is offering an exhibition of art and craft work created during the Ming and Qing dynasties in the cities of Guangzhou and Suzhou. 

An enamel golden tripod in Qing Dynasty

The white jade carving -Dong Zi Plays the elephant 

The exhibition — Gems of Guangzhou and Suzhou Arts and Crafts — will be held through September 7. Work from nearly 300 collections, representing the traditional and innovative skills of the two cities, will be displayed in two pavilions in the museum. The items include jade pieces, lacquer ware, ivory carvings, embroideries, silverware, Chinese painting and folding fans. 

Blue and white porcelain in Qing Dynasty

An Ivory box in Qing dynasty


The decorations of the ancient marriage



A silver pot set in Qing Dynasty


Appreciating the elaborate works of Guangzhou and Suzhou, visitors will experience the spirit of Chinese craftsmen who lived and worked during an era that represented one of the peak times of creativity in China, and one whose inspiration still influences contemporary culture and society.


A color glaze cod fish in Ming Dynasty


Exhibition time: till September 7 

Venue: Guangzhou Museum 

Nearby Metro Station: Metro Line 2, Yuexiu Park 




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