Rock the world with BUKATRIBE

Jazz and modern music——BUKATRIBE

Date:  June 19 

Venue: Shenzhen Nanshan culture center

Organizer: Juooo

Atypical and modern, these four artists have rocked the music world for a year now, reinventing vocals and defining a style: the alternative choir. Four boys in time with a single desire: "To offer a veritable vocal voyage with four microphones as their only accompaniment." Bukatribe is a journey in itself, perhaps writing a new chapter in the history of vocal quartets.

Photo Bukatribe HD_副本.jpg

With only four microphones, this quartet has already attracted many listeners with their unique voice, their only stage instrument. Beatbox, choirs or onomatopoeia, soul, reggae, rap or songs, this group knows no bounds as it sweeps the world. 

Featured in Bourges, identified by Ben l’oncle Soul, Iam and Seun Kuti, Bukatribe will whisk you away to a multitude of musical lands - so fasten your seatbelts! 



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