Selected collection exhibition of ancient Bashu civilization held in GD Museum

Time: 09:00-17:00 

Date: June 10 - August 9, 2015

Venue: Guangdong Museum

"Ingenuity — Selected Collection of Sichuan Museum" exhibition is held at the Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition Room on the third floor of Guangdong Museum from June 10 to August 9, 2015. 


The exhibition showcases 156 collections, including 14 country-level culture relics, which are very rich in Sichuan characteristics and demonstrate Ancient Bashu civilization, chinastone art, and artful Shu crafts. 


Exhibits mainly include jade wares, bronze wares, glazed colored pottery figurines, gold and silver wares, lacquer wares, Sichuan figured satin and Sichuan embroidery, covering politics, military and daily life of Ancient Bashu. 


The exhibition is also the first cultural relic exchange exhibition jointly organized by Guangdong Museum and Sichuan Museum. During the exhibition, a postcard & bookmark DIY activity will be held at the same time as well. Visitors can feast their eyes on the unique cultural charm of Sichuan through playing games, finding answers, listening to the presentation and doing handwork. 

Address: Guangdong Museum, No. 2 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou



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