Celebration——Open Rehearsal of Sino-Australian Dancing Collaboration

Choreography: Xing Liang, Natalie Weir, Liu Qi 

Production & Performance: Guangdong Modern Dance Company 

Performance: Expressions Dance Company 

Date & Time: June 11 - 20:00; June 12 - 20:00 

Venue: GMDC Theatre

"Celebration," a collaborative dancing performance between China and Australia, will premiere in Brisbane early next year. Local residents will be able to catch an open rehearsal of the performance two days this week in Guangzhou. The program consists of three works from prominent choreographers Xing Liang, Natalie Weir and Liu Qi. 

Seven dancers from the Australian Expressions Dance Company have been working together with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) for over three weeks, under the direction of the three choreographers. Xing Liang will be presenting his production, “Black,” for modern dance fans. Moreover, Xing’s partner, the outstanding musician Kung Chi Shing, who excels in composing abstract pieces, will be the music director for this performance. Let’s see what surprises they have in store for us. 

Ticket Price:¥100 / ¥80 (Members)/ ¥50 (Students) 

Ticket Hotline: +86(20) 8704 9512 / +86 189 2612 3585 

Address: GMDC Theatre, 13 Shui Yin Heng Lu, Sha He Ding, GZ 

(Source: Lifeofguangzhou)



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