[Tips] Changing train ticket destination 48h before departure

Starting from June 10, 2015, passengers can change the destination station 48 hours to 15 days before departure. For those who reschedule their tickets or change their destination to other trains departing in more than 15 days and return those changed tickets 15 days before departure, 5% refund fee will be charged.



For the convenience of passengers buying train tickets, starting from this Spring Festival, the pre-sale period of train tickets has been prolonged to 60 days, and returning tickets 15 days before departure is free of charge, which is still effective sfter the new policy of changing destination station 48 hours before departure is put into practice. Passengers who fail to catch their trains for special circumstances can still change to another train with available tickets and same-day departure. 


To find out more about the policies mentioned above, passengers can call 12306 or local train office or to log in to the official website of China Railway www.12306.cn. 

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