Molecular Gastronomy Buffet Dinner

Starting in June, Joe Won the Western Executive Chef at Langham Place, Guangzhou will present a wide range of molecular gastronomy delicacies at the buffet dinner. Using special techniques to transform ingredients physically and chemically, molecular gastronomy has become a popular aspect of modern luxury cooking. You don't have to travel round the world for this fashionable culinary art, just visit The Open Kitchen, where you will find yourself amazed by the wonders of molecular gastronomy. 

Spanners, stones, nails, coal balls and … US dollars? Yes, all these are present on the buffet table. Don't be deceived by the shiny, metallic sheen of the spanners and nails - they're made from chocolate, as are the stones. The sand, meanwhile is brown sugar. Most enticing of all, the US dollars are a guilty pleasure. Place the money in your mouth to release the fragrant flavor of sticky rice. 

"Nails and US dollors"

Flaming rice coal ball – When you first lay eyes on the flaming coal ball, you might be perplexed as to what the chef is concocting and whether it's really edible. Once the fire dies down, however, a sphere of black squid ink rice and shrimp emerges from the flames. What you see is only part of the treat, but you'll have to take a bite to discover what lies beneath. 

Flaming rice coal ball

Liquid nitrogen peanut butter toast – Turning regular toast into a theatrical event, fresh cream and peanut butter are slathered onto bread before it is briefly swirled in liquid nitrogen. Wreathed in white smoke, the toast is icy and crunchy, a delicious but unexpected take on a traditionally warm food. 

Molecular fried egg – Served sunny-side up, this fried egg may appear to be just typical yolk and albumen, but take one bite and your senses will be surprised by a rush of sweet tastes. What appears to be egg white is in fact coconut milk given a more solid texture, encircling a yolk of peach sauce. 

Molecular fried egg

Hot spring boiled egg and caviar – Some dishes are beyond description, you'll just have to come and sample this one yourself! When you do come to visit, keep an eye out for QR codes displayed beside the food that can be scanned to reach the hotel's WeChat account. Follow it to discover a variety of discounts. There's a lot more molecular gastronomy awaiting your degustation at The Open Kitchen! 

Hot spring boiled egg and caviar

Tofu with QR code

Buffet Dinner at The Open Kitchen is price at RMB298 plus 15 per cent service charge,Children aged between 5 and 12 can enjoy 50% discount. 

For reservations or enquiries:

Contact: (86 20) 8916 3528





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