Let's celebrate Cultural Heritage Day in Lanzhai village

200 kilometers away from Guangzhou, Lanzhai is a picturesque village situated in Yu’nan county, Yunfu. It will be the main venue to celebrate Guangdong Cultural Heritage Day, which falls on this Saturday. Here, we will take you to explore the beauty and charm of this small village.


It’s said that in Ming dynasty, a man surnamed Lin planted orchids all over the village. Later the village was named Lan’zhai (Lan in Chinese means “orchid”, and zhai in Chinese means “village”).


Orchid is a symbol of purity in China. Just as its name, Lanzhai village is a quiet place full of cultural atmosphere. Most of the villagers here are Yao people. Lanzhai is hometown of many famous ancient Chinese scholars with deep tradition in education throughout history. 


Nowadays visitors could find numerous well-preserved historic sites there, the most fantastic ones are ancient buildings and streets originated since Yuan dynasty or earlier. Mixed with different styles from all parts of China, these sites seem like picturesque Chinese paintings. Some of them are valuable for study of ancient Chinese architecture. 

(By Sylvia)




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