Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin

Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin
Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin
Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin
Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin
Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin
Rogue Planet——Exhibition by Liu Bin

|Exhibition Info|

Artists: Liu Bin

Curators: Kelvin Huang, Patricia Li

Exhibition Duration: 2016. 05. 21 - 2016. 07. 05

Open Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9 Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Nearby Metro: Dongshankou station, Line 1 or 6

刘滨《无行无眠无心无望,这是我要对你说的话 This is What I Want to Say to You》布面油画 Oil on canvas 100x80cm 2012_副本.jpg

"This is What I Want to Say to You" Oil on canvas by Liu Bin


Recognized for the painterly manner and the dreamy softness in his powerful works, Liu Bin stands out as one of the most promising artists of the post 80’s generation in Guangzhou. In his seemingly casual yet precisely arranged composition, although Liu employs some illustrative characteristics which are often favored by other artists of his generation, his personal style comes through to reveal artistic fantasies and virtual constructions. Liu’s sophisticated understanding of artistic expressions and his distinctive way of visual effect are the true essence in the portrayal of suspended and surreal delicacy.

Every one of Liu Bin’s pictorial constructions speaks a well-plotted spatial narrative that not only offers formal aesthetics, but also intrigues boundless imagination. Liu invites the audience to appreciate daily matters that are often taken for granted: an adolescent anecdote, an old house in memory, an unspoken romance, a live band performance in a shabby beerhouse or even a subtle figure from a thriller... Liu’s works can be compared to the scenes in Hayao Miyazaki’s romantic and divertive animations, in which daily situations are decontextualized and given new emotional or enchanted associations. 

海报 Poster_副本_副本.jpg

The symbolic assemble of visual materials demonstrates the profoundness of daily activities and provides the source of inexhaustible visions.

Liu transforms the worldly tales into affectionate scripts, in which he has placed the fantasized characters and scenes into the transitional realms between reality and fairytale. The powerful and unconstrained imageries are endowed with ambiguously grieving or absurdly humorous qualities, in which one may find silent self-healing or harsh interrogation of one’s consciousness. In Liu’s latest series, he attempts to provoke the audience with his unconventional sense of humor and an inexpressible gesture of sultriness.

Liu depicts recurring themes of outer space and flying. The drifting motions and the exploring desires allude to the notion of a rogue planet, which has either been ejected from the planetary system or has never been gravitationally bound to any star. Liu Bin himself, a rogue star in the contemporary art world, travels alone through the universe of art, searching for the finest prospects.

Curator: Kelvin Huang


Artist’s Profile

刘滨 Liu Bin_副本.jpg

Liu Bin

He was born in Guangzhou in 1981, and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2004.

Solo Exhibitions

2014  “Fragments of Montage”, 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou

2012  “Blue Crush”, Wilber Gallery, Guangzhou

2012  “Space x Runaway”, 1312 Art Space, Guangzhou

2007  “Something Wrong”, MUMA Art Space, Guangzhou

刘滨《白夜的千重奏 Thousand Trio of White Night》布面油画 Oil on canvas 110x120cm 2012_副本.jpg

"Thousand Trio of White Night" Oil on canvas by Liu Bin

Group Exhibitions

2014  “Jin Dian” Guangdong Contemporary Art Exhibition, 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou

2014  “Capture Nureal Hunters”,Gaea Gallery, Guangzhou

2014  “Artshion Art Exhibition”, Modern O2, Guangzhou

2014  “Mystery”, Lingnan Experimental Space, Guangzhou

2014  The 5th Exhibition of Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting, Guangdong Museum of Art, 


2013  798 Art Festival, The Second Artworks Pomotion Exhibition, Beijing

2013  “Youth Stories”, 21 Space Art Museum, Dongguan

2013  “Artshion Art Exhibition”, Modern O2, Guangzhou

2013  “Visual Mix”, 21 Space Art Museum, Dongguan

2013  “Mix”, Jinji Lake Art Museum, Shuzhou



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