Fun list during Cultural Heritage Day!

All-day Cultural Feast at Canton Tower 

This year, a series of creative activities will be presented to local citizens at Canton tower on Cultural Heritage Day, which falls on Saturday this week.

20 booths are set up on the second layer of Canton Tower to display various cultural heritages. Here you can not only take a close look at the most professional performances, but also interact with cultural inheritors! 


Cultural masters will teach you traditional techniques such as embroidery, porcelain painting and jade carving. Chen Li-ji, a local time-honored Chinese medicine brand will provide traditional  medicine-making process. Free service of crude herb moxibustion and Chinese medicine massage will be offered by local hospitals. 


In additional, two special performances are scheduled respectively at 10:00 and 15:00. Abundant programs including lion and dragon dance, Cantonese opera, puppet show, Guqin (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) show and Hong boxing will by presented by local artists. 

Time: June 13th

Add.: 2nd layer of Canton Tower

Fee: Free. (Free entrance tickets are available at the eastern entrance of Canton Tower, Guangzhou Library, Guangzhou Children’s Library and Guangzhou Culture Center)

Learn to make dragon boat! 


This Friday in Chenhanhui Dragon Boat Shipyard, a class about dragon boat production will be presented. You can watch traditional ceremony alongside the river and experience production of dragon boat in the shipyard, while listening to vivid introductions from Mai Xiangyang, a skilled craftsman. 

The shipyard is known for its precious techniques to produce typical Shangjiao dragon boat.

Tips: For those who are allergic to dusts, you may need mask to protect yourself in the shipyard. 

Time: 8:00 - 10:30, June 12th. 

Add.: Chenhanhui Dragon Boat Shipyard, Shangjiao village, Luopu Street, Panyu District

Sign up: Call 020-34338911 during working hours (9:00~17:00). 

A good news for cultural relic fans!

On June 13th, a free activity about cultural relic restoration will be presented in Guangzhou Museum. Experts in this field will not only introduce basic knowledge about ancient coins restoration and porcelain splicing, but also give you step-by-step directions! So, history and cultural relic fans, come and finish your own masterpieces! 

Time: 9:30 – 11:30, 14:30 – 16:30

Add.: Lobby on 2nd floor of Guangdong Museum

Requirement: Audience should be 12 years old or above.

Summer class of cultural heritage


Enrollment notice of summer class of cultural heritage will be published on June 13th. Organized by Cultural Heritage Protection Center in Guangzhou, the summer class will feature a series of local cultural heritages including embroidery, lion dance, Guqin and so on. 

For detailed information of the class, please browse the official website of Cultural Heritage Protection Center in Guangzhou. (

(By Sylvia)



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