Art Miffy: Miffy at the Museum


Period: 30 April - 29 May, 2016

Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00, MON to FRI; 12:00-20:00, SAT to SUN

Venue: 1F, Guangdong Times Museum

Add.: Times Rose Garden III, Huangbianbei Road, Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou 

Nearby metro: Huangbian station, Line 2

Free Admission


Cross shaped mouth, straight pointy ears and round cheeks, only consists of four bright and basic colors of red, blue, yellow and green, and extremely simple lines. In 1955, Dick Bruna, a well-known artist from Netherlands, illustrated a pure child’s world, in which Miffy becomes the main character. He insists that Miffy keeps in a simple and cheerful style. She never changes her dress and accessories because of festivals or other reasons. Miffy prefers natural instead of artificial. Her value is to be true, simple, reliable, and straightforward. The artist would rather leave space for readers to imagine and interpret unrestrictedly.


Most of Miffy’s stories were inspired by the magical moments and sweet memories of the artist’s childhood. Hence, Miffy is not only a fictional character; she has become a very personalized experience. To enjoy this wonderful experience, now you don’t need to fly to Netherlands. From April 30th to May 29th, as part of the Dutch Days activities, Miffy and her friends have been invited to Guangzhou. They will be in Guangdong Times Museum to show you the power and art of simplicity.                   


Miffy’s Profile

Name: Miffy

Dutch name: nijntje

Date of birth: June 21st, 1955

Constellation: Gemini

Age: between 0 and 6 years old 

Pet: Snuffy dog

Best friends: Boris and Babara, Melanie, Dan, and many others ...

Artist: Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna 2_副本.jpg

Mr. Dick Bruna was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, where his family was the largest publisher in the country. His father had hoped he could inherit his business, however, Dick showed disinclination. Instead, he kept pursuing his dreams, he eventually became an author, artist, illustrator and graphic designer, interpreting his art philosophy with picture books. All his books were carefully hand drawn. Bruna is extremely rigorous with the use of colors and lines. He would spent a very long time to create a small book, which perhaps merely consists of around 10 sheets of “extremely simple” pictures.Just because of such concentration and carefulness, those simple lines have become a vivid reflection of our sincerity.

So far, Mr. Dick Bruna has published over 100 books of Miffy, which have been translated in more than 50 languages, and sold over 85 million copies globally.

Dick Bruna_副本.jpg

Quotations from Mr.Dick Bruna:

I have little gift, so I have to make large efforts to do something with it.

For me, happiness is cycling to my studio in the early morning.

Please treat children seriously. Be honest with them as they are with



Miffy Concepts Store

Date: 25 April- 10 June

Venue: 1F, ART GIFT, Guangdong Times Museum

The inspiration of Miffy comes from a family vacation of Mr. Bruna in 1955. Miffy is a small fascinating bunny, featured with simplicity, innocence, determination and willingness to have new experience. Various peripheral products derived from the story of Miffy’s family are available on the market, such as clothes, daily necessities.

Miffy has become a wildly beloved character for her vivid and lovely image. Through advertising the freshness, simplicity and adorableness of children, Miffy products focus on the combinability and integrity among the concepts of coziness, practicability and liveliness.

During this period, Art Gift Shop will display varieties of Miffy’s products, including jewelries and snacks. Dear visitors, Miffy awaits.



Miffy Creativity Competition

Theme: Miffy at Guangzhou

Date: 30 April – 29 May


First Prize: ( one winner)  Miffy Gift Bag

Second Prize: (10 winners) Miffy Stationary Gift Bag

Third Prize: (30 winners)  Miffy Stationary Set


Miffy Weekend Days: Miffy & Her Friends

Date: 15 May and 22 May

Venue: 1F, Multifunction Hall, Guangdong Times Museum

Workshops invite kids and families to make Miffy and her friends with paper clay. During the workshop the tutors will tell stories about Miffy.



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