Zengcheng Formally Established as Individual District

Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

The community of Zengcheng, boasting a history of 1,800 years, formally became a district of Guangzhou during an official ceremony on May 29. 

"It is a milestone of Guangzhou’s urbanization,” said Peng Peng, vice-president of the Comprehensive Reform and Development Research Institute of Guangdong Province. 

Zengcheng accounts for 10% of Guangzhou’s population and nearly 20% of the city’s total land mass. "The achievable size of the population to be served in Zengcheng will reach 3 million by 2020,” said Jiang Wanfang, director of the urban planning bureau. Statistics show that the registered population and urban migrant population had reached about 1,364,600 by the end of 2014, which means the district is able to accommodate at least another one million residents in the coming five years. 

The city plans to build four metro lines -- Lines 13, 16, 21, and 23 -- to help service Zengchen. By the end of 2017, it will only take 30 minutes from Xintang, the largest town in Zengcheng, to downtown Guangzhou via Line 13. Passengers will be able to get to Tianhe Park from Zengcheng Square in 40 minutes via Line 21, which also will be completed by late 2017. Zengcheng also plans to build 10 tram lines with a total track length of 175.5 kilometers and 182 stops. 

Zengcheng has been honored as one of China’s top eco-tourism demonstration cities. Some 715 free parks and green lands of 23 million square meters make the community a beautiful place to live or visit, especially with its relatively fresh air. Besides the upgrades in transportation and the environment, Zengcheng is planning on improvements in the areas of real estate, health care and education. 



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