Guangzhou - Kowloon Through Train to Raise Ticket Prices from July 15

Passengers travelling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong's Hung Hom (红磡) through train are going to see a rise in ticket price from July 15. The pre-sale tickets which will be valid on or after July 15 will follow the new prices. 

The ticket price for first- class of Guangzhou East to Hung Hom is going to rise from HKD 190 to HKD 210. The ticket prices of Foshan to Hung Hom, Zhaoqing to Hung Hom and Dongguan to Hung Hom are also expected to have a rise of around HKD 20. 

This is the first time the route of the Guangzhou - Kowloon Through Train will have price inflation since 1995. 

One-way ticket for first - class: 

Guangzhou East-Hung Hom: rising from HKD 190 to HKD 210

Foshan-Hung Hom: rising from HKD 210 to HKD 230

Zhaoqing-Hung Hom: rising from HKD 235 to HKD 255

Changping, Dongguan-Hung Hom: rising from HKD 145 to HKD 155 



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