Forking Out 2,500 for an Hour of Football

The Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission recently issued its latest pricing policy for the city’s public gymnasiums and stadiums. Some costs will go up appreciably.


Twenty public gymnasiums and stadiums in Guangzhou will adopt the new prices on June 20. Among them are gymnasiums and stadiums at the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center and the Guangzhou University City Sports Center. Of 57 facilities at the 20 sports centers, eight will charge higher fees as a way to increase revenues.

Under the new policy, the cost for one hour of renting the football field at Yuexiu Stadium at night will be 2,500 yuan, while the tickets for swimming in the park will range from 20 yuan to 30 yuan. Zhujiang Swimming Pool, another popular downtown sports venue, will charge 60 yuan per person during the daytime. 



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