Painting exhibition on Silk Road opens in Jiangmen


Mid-Summer, a painting on display in the exhibition.

A painting exhibition featuring the ancient Silk Road kicked off in Jiangmen, Guangdong province, on Saturday.

Entitled "Restart the Silk Road: One Belt and One Road Art Exhibition," it drew participants from government officials in Guangdong and Yaacov Avrahamy, consul-general of the Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, to its opening ceremony.

The exhibition to be held in the Dongcangli Art Gallery in Jiangmen till April 7 will showcase over 100 paintings by 12 artists in countries along the One Belt and One Road.

The paintings emphasize peace-loving, green, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Speaking on behalf of all the artists whose works are on display, Wang Qijun, a professor at China's Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, said that the Silk Road was not only a road for Asia and Europe to exchange needed goods, but also a road to exchange Eastern and Western cultures.

Today, we will continue to capitalize on the Silk Road to connect the people of Asia and Europe, and promote the economic and cultural development, he said.


Laborers in Zhuhai Wharf, a painting on display in the exhibition.


Bird, a painting on display in the exhibition.




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