Best places for outdoor sports in Guangzhou

Besides gym, more and more Cantonese choose to do the sports in the open air. Also there are many green lands in Guangzhou, most of which are very suitable to do outdoor sports. We will pick up several good places for outdoor sports in Guangzhou.

1.Tianhe Sports Center

Tianhe Sports Center is the largest stadium in Guangzhou, which is also the home court of Guangzhou Evergrande. Besides the main stadium, Tianhe Sports Center includes basketball fields, football fields, baseball fields, tennis fields, the outdoor swimming pool and so on, and becomes one of the best places for citizens to do the outdoor sports. Also, every night many people jogs around the sports center.

Tianhe Sports Center.

Besides the fields in Tianhe Sports Center, you can also choose to jog around the Citic Plaza which is just to the north of the sports center. There is a big green belt between Citic Plaza and PoPark (Dong Fang Bao Tai), also many white collars who live nearby choose to run here in the evening.

Recommended sports: jogging, swimming, biking, playing basketball, football baseball and tennis

2.Zhujiang New Town

Zhujiang New Town is a CBD, but also it’s a good place to do outdoor sports. Flower City Square is one. This square is famous for its flower islands in the north, with 3 cherry blossom islands and 2 peach blossom islands. With various plants and green belts, Flower City Square attracts lots of sports-lovers to come, especially in the evening. Many people choose to run around the square in the evening. But the bad side is that there are many pedestrians and bikers, and you have to avoid them when jogging. BUT, if you’d like to show off your brand new sports clothes and shoes, it’s a excellent platform.

If you do not like Flower City Square because of the crowd, you may choose Zhujiang Park. It’s also in Zhujiang New Town, and also with many flowers and trees. Cantonese live nearby will take a hike or jog in it. Some of them will take their babies with them.

If you do not want to go too far, you may just go downstairs if you live in Zhujiang New Town. There is a jogging line in Zhujiang New Town: Huaxun Street-Linjiang Avenue-Huasui Road-Huali Road. When getting up early in the morning, you can just get down and start jogging. What’s more, there are many expats around here, and you may meet a rich man in the next corner when doing sports.

Recommended sports: jogging, hiking

3.University campus

In the downtown of Guangzhou there are several universities: Sun Yet-san University, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, South China Normal University, Jinan University and Guangdong University of Technology. 

University Town.
The campus of South China Normal University.

Also there is the University Town in Yanpu district. If you live nearby, you can use the sports facilities on the campus, for instance the basketball field, the football field, tennis field, the swimming pool and so on. But you may be charged.

Recommended sports: basketball, football, tennis, swimming, jogging

4.Green Belts along the Pearl River

The Pearl River takes an important role in Guangzhou people’s daily life. People living nearby like to take a walk along the Pearl River. Many old people do exercises here. 

Tai chi, square dance, sword dance and stretching are the items. Young adults usually choose more severe sports such as jogging, riding and roller skating. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Pearl River when doing sports.

Recommended sports: jogging, riding, roller skating, square dance, Tai chi

5.Yuexiu Park-Sculpture Park-Luhu Park-Litchi Bay Park-Haizhu Lake Park

Parks seem to be good places for outdoor sports, and many people takes it as a factor of buying or renting a house. 

Yuexiu Park.

Luhu Park.

Those living or working nearby usually take a walk there in the break. Also some jogging-lovers like to go there.

Recommended sports: jogging, walking

6.Baiyun Mountain

Besides a very beautiful tourist spot in Guangzhou downtown, Baiyun Mountain also a good place for sports-lovers. Every weekend many people go their to climb mountains or just take a hiking as a effective way to relax from hard and stressful work. Some choose to ride bikes to the top.

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is just at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. If you are not satisfied with hiking or riding, you can use the sports facilities on the campus of GDUFS.

Recommended sports: hiking, riding, basketball, tennis, jogging

(By Nan)



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