White Swan Hotel Presents Leap Year Discounts

Leap year comes just every four years, and 2016 is one of those years. So this month will have 29 days rather than the usual 28. Those whose birthday falls on February 29 can make their special birthday even more memorable this time. On that day, the White Swan Hotel is offering a 29% discount on all food and beverage offerings and guest rooms. 

Here is the hotel’s special leap year offer and restrictions: 

1. A person whose birthday falls on February 29 will enjoy a 29% discount on all applicable tariffs in the hotel’s restaurants and guest rooms (on February 29 only). 

2. Restaurant bookings for this offer are limited to a maximum of 10 people. 

3. Advance reservations are required, subject to availability. 

4. Birthday identifications must be presented upon reservation and check-in. 

5. All prices are subject to a 15% service charge. 

6. The special room packages are valid only for one night, on February 29, and begin at 1,100 RMB per night.




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