63 “price trusted” scenic spots in Guangdong

According to China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), a total of 1801 scenic spots become “price trusted” with 63 in Guangdong, after they signed an agreement on May 25.

Hot places in Guangdong such as Lianzhou Underground River (连州地下河), Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (中山纪念堂), Shaoguan Nanling National Forest Park (韶关南岭国家森林公园) are on the list.

Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall [Photo/travel.newsgd.com]

However, Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and other 7 world-famous spots are not on the list.

In order to deepen the reform of administration of ticket price, CNTA launched a three-year project for creating “price trusted” scenic spots in March this year.

The 1801 scenic spots have signed a letter of undertaking, which includes no cheating on price, ensure discount for special people (the disabled, elderly, pregnant woman etc.), discount for booking, publish price structure and no mark-up in three years.

CNTA said they will keep promoting this project and updating the list of “price trusted” before summer vocation in July and golden week for tourism, such as National Day. Furthermore, CNTA will remove unqualified scenic spots after hearing feedback at regular intervals.



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